Members of the Calcium Signals Lab

David Yue, MD, PhD

Current Members
Wanjun Yang (Research Technician)
Jennifer Babich (Research Technician)
Paul Adams (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Rahul Banerjee (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Ivy Dick (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Rosy Joshi-Mukhurjee (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Hojjat Bazzazi (BME PhD Candidate)
Manu Ben-Johny (BME PhD Candidate)
Shin Rong Lee (BME MD PhD Candidate)
Worawan (Boombim) Limpitikul (BME MD PhD Candidate)
John Issa (BME MD PhD Candidate)
Ho Namkumg (BME PhD Candidate)
Jacqueline Niu (BME PhD Candidate)
Sarah Park (CMM PhD Candidate)
Lingjie Sang (BME PhD Candidate)
Phil Yang (CMM PhD Candidate)
Po Wei (Billy) Kang (BME MS Candidate)
Jiangyu Li (BME MS Candidate)
Myoung Hyun (Brian) Choi (BME Undergraduate)
Manning Zhang (Exchange Student)
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Post-doctoral Fellows

Research Technicians

PhD/MS Candidates

Other Student Alumni: