Selected Publications

  1. Ben Johny, M., Yang, P.S., Hazzazi, H., and Yue, D.T. (2013). Dynamic switching of calmodulin interactions underlies Ca2+ regulation of CaV1.3 channels.  Nature Communications (in press).
  2. Tay, L. H., Dick, I. E., Yang, W., Griesbeck, O. and Yue, D.T. (2012).  Nanodomain Ca2+ of Ca2+ channels detected by a tethered genetically encoded Ca2+ sensor.  Nature Communications | 3:778 | DOI:10.1038/ncomms1777.
  3. Huang, H., Tan, B. Z., Shen, Y., Tao, J., Jiang, F., Sung, Y. Y., Ng, C. K., Raidar, M., Kohr, G., Higuchi, M., Fatemi-Shariatpanahr, H., Harden, B., Yue, D.T. and Soong, T.W. (2012).  RNA editing of the IQ domain of CaV1.3 channels modulates their Ca2+-dependent inactivation.  Neuron 73:304-316.
  4. Sun, T., Wu, X.S., Xu, J., McNeil, B.D., Pang, Z.P., Yang, W., Bai, L., Qadri, S., Molkentin, J.D., Yue, D.T. and Wu, L.G. (2010).  The role of calcium/calmodulin-activated calcineurin in rapid and slow endocytosis at central synapses.  J. Neurosci. 30:11838-11847.PMID: 20810903.
  5. Tadross, M.R., and Yue, D.T. (2010).  Systematic mapping of the state-dependence of voltage and Ca2+-dependent inactivation using simple open-channel measurements.   J. Gen. Physiol. 135:217-227.
  6. Tadross, M.R., Johny, M.B., and Yue, D.T. (2010).  Molecular endpoints of Ca2+/calmodulin- and voltage-dependent inactivation of CaV1.3 channels.   J. Gen. Physiol. 135:197-215. (Commentary by J Cui (2010) DOI: 10.1085/jgp.201010421).
  7. Liu, X., Yang, P.S., Yang, W., and Yue, D.T. (2010).  Enzyme-inhibitor-like tuning of Ca2+ channel connectivity with calmodulin.   Nature 463:968-972. (Editor's choice, Sci Signal 3:ec62;Faculty 1000 commentary)
  8. Tadross, M.R., Park, S.A., Veeramani, B., and Yue, D.T. (2009).  Robust approaches to quantitative ratiometric FRET imaging of CFP/YFP fluorophores under confocal microscopy.  J. Microscopy 233:192-204.
  9. Miriyala, J., Nguyen, T., Yue, D.T. , and Colecraft, H.M. (2008).  Role of CaVb subunits, and lack of functional reserve, in protein kinase A modulation of cardiac CaV1.2 channels.  Circ Res 102:e54-64
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  12. Dick, I.E., Tadross, M.R., Liang, H., Tay, L.H., Yang, W., and Yue, D.T. (2008).  A modular switch for spatial Ca2+ selectivity in the calmodulin regulation of CaV channels.  Nature 451:830-834.
  13. Samuels, B.A., Hsueh, Y.P., Shut, T., Liang H., Tseng, H.C., Hong, C.J., Su, S.C., Volker, J., Neve, R.L., Yue, D.T., and Tsai, L.H. (2007).  Cdk5 promotes synaptogenesis by regulating the subcellular distribution of the MAGUK family member CASK.  Neuron 56:823-837. 
  14. Tay, L.H., Griesbeck, O., and Yue, D.T.  (2007).  Live-cell transforms between Ca2+ transients and FRET responses for a Troponin-C based Ca2+ sensor.  Biophys. J.  93:4031-4040.
  15. Chaudhuri, D., Issa, J.B., and Yue, D.T.  (2007).  Elementary mechanisms producing facilitation of CaV2.1 (P/Q-type) channels.  J. Gen. Physiol.  129:385-401.  (see Commentary  by K. Dunlap in Journal of General Physiology 129:379-383; 2008 Cranefield award to Chaudhuri, D.)   
  16. Herzig, S., Khan, I.F., Grundemann, D., Matthes, J., Ludwig, A., Michels, G., Hoppe, U.C., Chaudhuri, D., Schwartz, A., Yue, D.T., and Hullin, R.  (2007).  Mechanism of CaV1.2 channel modulation by the amino terminus of cardiac b2-subunits.  FASEB J. 21:1527-1538.
  17. Shen, Y., Yu, D., Hiel, H., Liao, P., Yue, D.T., Fuchs, P.A., and Soong, T.W. (2006).  Alternative splicing of the CaV1.3 channel IQ domain, a molecular switch for Ca2+-dependent inactivation within auditory hair cells. J. Neurosci. 26:10690-10699
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